Community work

The Club does not exist exclusively for the benefit of members, but for the benefit of the whole community. Our trading operation and the allotments support some community activities. 



The Butterfly Garden, the area at the beginning of the station roundabout footpath is maintained by the Gardening Club and helps support wildlife as well as providing a very pleasant place to spend some time. Many plants are labelled, for interest and educational purposes.


Community Orchard. In November 2015 the community orchard at Priory Meadow was planted by BWGC for use by all the residents of Bishops Waltham. It mainly has crab apples, which are tough enough for this rather wet site. See here for a factsheet on the fruit varieties grown.   To get to the orchard, walk, cycle or drive to the car park off Elizabeth Way (SO32 1SQ), then walk past the Priory Park Clubhouse and the football pitches. Priory Meadow is the field below the bottom football pitch. There is no access to Priory Meadow for vehicles without permission from the Parish Council.


We sponsor a horticultural student - the details vary from year to year depending on the needs of the student in question. In the past this has enabled students to purchase equipment they needed to complete their studies.


We have an annual stall at St Peter's Country Fayre, where we give children bulbs and teach them how to plant them. It is so gratifying when they return year after year to talk about how their plants have thrived. 


We are increasingly reaching out to the wider community, especially children, to teach them about gardening and where their food comes from.


Finally, we have started a programme to support the Wickham Pantry, which helps provide food for those who need it. Excess produce from the allotments is taken to the Pantry every Tuesday.